Moroccan style décor offers a beautiful blend of bold and bright elements that are further enriched with ornate accents. Moroccan décor is fundamentally elaborate, making it one of the most sought after style inspirations for decorations during special occasions, parties and events.

Moroccan style décor offers a great choice for settings and backdrops that call for the use of vivid hues and vibrant tones teal, green, orange and reds. This décor style is also synonymous with a romantic vibe, making a preferred design inspiration for weddings and henna parties. 

Apart from tents and vintage rugs, furniture with accents, drapes, exotic lamps and lanterns are also an intrinsic part of Moroccan style décor. All the elements that go into creating a perfect Moroccan style décor make it an absolute favorite for theme weddings, engagement parties, dinner parties, and milestone celebrations.

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