Our Philosophy

Moroccan themed settings in New York

Moroccan Furniture Rental emerged from a collaboration in the 1990s between Abdelhay Elanbassi, film producer and owner of Morocco Film Production, and Alex Smith, interior designer and owner of Marrakesh Designs.

Over the years, Moroccan Furniture Rental supplied the film, TV, photography, commercial, staging, and event planning communities in Morocco and the U.S.A., to create authentic Moroccan-themed settings.

As our business expanded from a 2,000 square foot warehouse in Marrakech, to the opening of our newest showrooms in New York and San Francisco, our focus remained the same: to be a resource and inspiration for our clients.

Each of our three locations offers a unique mix of distinctive furniture, decorative accessories, lighting, rugs, Bedouin tents, fabric, and more — hand-selected for local film, TV show and commercial set-decoration, special events, and photography needs — all in showroom condition.

With the sensibility of successful production and location management and the creative flair of set and interior design, Morocco Furniture Rental works attentively with any budget, from concept to implementation, to bring each client’s unique vision to life.

Our Team

  • Abdelhay-elanbassi

    Abdelhay Elanbassi

    Founder & CEO

  • rachid

    Rachid Ouassil

    Founder & Creative Director

  • team-member

    Hajib Boudali

    Sales Director

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